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TeleTube DLNA

The TeleTube DLNA plugin allows playing YouTube videos directly on TVs with DLNA support (as opposed to the regular TeleTube extension which requires an additional media center device).
Note that it's still an early test version that requires some polish.



1. Install the extension itself

Open this link in Opera: TeleTube DLNA.
Opera will ask whether you really want to install extensions from this website, choose Yes.

2. Install TeleTube Proxy

Download and install TeleTube Proxy, a small support application for the extension.

3. Select your TV

Turn on your TV and click the extension's icon in the top-right corner of Opera. All DLNA devices capable of playback on your local network will be listed, choose the one on which you want to play videos.

Play some videos

Go to YouTube, open a video and click "Play to TV".

Finally, send me some feedback

As mentioned above, this is an early version of the extension. Please send me your feedback, it will be very valuable: