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The Setup

Unfortunately TeleTube can't play videos straight to your TV (although I've been experimenting with it, see the first question in the FAQ) and it needs a media center appliance connected.

Here is an example setup:

  1. A laptop or PC with TeleTube.
  2. Home network router.
  3. Boxee or XBMC media center.
  4. TV.

The PC with TeleTube communicates with the Boxee or XBMC media center. Both need to be connected to the home network and to the Internet.


1. Download TeleTube

To download and install the extension go to the extension's page at the Opera Extensions portal and click "Install".

2. Configure

There are several steps involved in configuring both the media center and the TeleTube extension. This only needs to be done once.

Watch configuration video for your media center: